VR Car Configurator with Unity and HTC Vive FastTrack

In this Unity training you will learn how to use the Unity Editor, design 3D apps and implement them. The training consists of several small projects to drive exploration of the Unity functions available to rapidly prototype 3D applications for virtual reality. After learning the basics of Unity and VR, we will create a Virtual Reality Car Configurator to consolidate the gained knowledge and illustrate the workflow of real world Unity projects. In the end this course we will provide the users with the ability to develop a typical car configurator scenario for the HTC Vive in Unity and give a comprehensive insight into the necessary preparation, so that a complete project can be seamlessly visualized on this platform.

Course content

  • Unity Basics
    • Introduction to the Unity Editor
    • Scene setup
    • GameObjects, Components and Prefabs
    • C# Scripting
    Rapid Prototyping
    • Physics
    • Standard Assets
    • Interactions between Player and Environment
    • Materials and 3D assets
    • UI elements
    Virtual Reality
    • HTC Vive configuration
    • SteamVR Toolkit
    • Teleportation
    • VR interactions
    Project Car Configurator
    • A virtual showroom with a car and controls to configure e.g. color, rim types, and so on.
    • Logic
    • UI
    • Implementation
    • Deployment

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Target Audience
Innovation Labs, Engineers, Automotive Industry

Basic understanding of 3D geometry (What is a vector? What does it mean when these are added / subtracted?) is necessary. Knowledge of any programming language is very helpful to quickly get started with C#.

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€ 1.590,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.892,10 icl. VAT.

3 Days