Unreal Engine VXGI Lighting

This course teaches you how to use Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI), NVIDIA’s real-time light calculation technology in the Unreal Engine. After the training you will be able to create high-end visualizations – without lightmap calculations. The program provides the ability to quickly calculate a voxel representation of a mesh scene and use this representation with voxel cone tracing for diffuse and reflective global illumination, environmental occlusion, and high-quality surface illumination. The realism of the rendered images is greatly improved by adding these effects. In addition to these lighting effects implemented in VXGI, applications can use the voxel data to create custom rendering effects, such as refractive materials or light map baking. Long rendering times are a thing of the past. In this course you will discover the various possibilities of VXGI lighting for your projects. After an introduction to the basics, application areas and specifications, the compiling of the Unreal Engine VXGI build follows. You get to know the functions and the workflow of the program and can create a VXGI light setup. In particular, you will gain insight into the key features of VXGI: You will learn how to create indirect diffuse and reflective interreflections as well as high-quality floodlights with soft shadows or large-area, stable ambient occlusion. Further contents are a dynamic and procedural geometry, dynamic lights and emitting materials. The program supports Virtual Reality.

Course Description

  • Basics
  • Area of application
  • Specifications
  • Compiling Unreal Engine 4 VXGI build
  • Functional overview
  • VXGI workflow
  • Creating VXGI light setups
  • Key features of VXGI:
    • Indirect diffuse and reflective interreflections
    • High-quality floodlight with soft shadows
    • Large-area, stable environmental occlusion
    • Dynamic and procedural geometry
    • Dynamic lights and emitting materials

More information

Target Audience
Participants with basic knowledge of Unreal Engine 4. This course is an add-on to the Unreal Engine 4 architectural visualization workshop. It can be booked separately.

Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 is mandatory, basic knowledge of Cinema 4D is a beneficial.

more information
Unreal Engine Training Catalog (Download PDF)


€ 980,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.166,20 icl. VAT.


2 Days