Unreal Engine Performance Optimization

Performance is the key issue in an interactive application. Unreal Engine 4 gives you excellent tools for finding and solving possible issues in your code or the graphical pipeline of a project. In this course you will gain deeper insights into the functions and the usage of the profiling tool, allowing you to find problematic areas in your production. Develop even more sophisticated applications and eliminate future obstacles. The course is guided by a practical example project, which show-cases the profiling abilities of Unreal Engine 4. Teaching templates and material contained in the course will be made available for the participants after conclusion. All included materials can then be used freely for private or commercial projects, to enable further exploration of the learned topics.

Course Description

• Basics of profiling
• Problematic configurations
• CPU Bound
• GPU Bound
• Engine Threads

Graphic optimization
• Vertex Count
• LODs
• Draw Calls
• Lighting
• Shadows
• Post-Processing
• Particle effects

Programmatic optimizations
• Render Thread optimizations
• Blueprint optimizations
• Garbage Collection
• Multithreading
• Network optimizations

More information

Target Audience
Developers, designers, graphic artists and programmers that need to find and eliminate performance problems in their productions.
Basic knowledge of working with Unreal Engine 4.

more information
Unreal Engine Training Catalog (Download PDF)


€ 980,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.166,20 icl. VAT.


2 Days