Unity Basic

The goal of this Unity Fundamentals training is to provide participants with an efficient introduction to the posibilities of this §D engine. General 3D basics as well as the specific componets of this modern real-time ngine are partically taught on a project. This is gradually assembled and discussed intensively in the individual detail pieces. On the basis of the jointly produced final project, the versatile aspect of a 3D real-time production are discussed. The teaching templates used as well as the completion files created by participants during the course will be handes over to the participants at the end of the course. These can then be used privately as well as commercially with the freely available Unity version from the manufacturer´s homepage, in order, e.g. to further deepen the learned conntent

Training content

  • Basics of the user Interface
    • Scene View
    • Game View
    • Design-Mode/Run-Mode
    • Attribute Inspector
    • Project View
    • Scene Hierachy Tree
    • View Layouts
    • Object Layers
    • Projekt-Layout im File-System und Export
    • Help-Files
  • GameObjects
    • Objekte in Unity
    • Transform-Component
    • Pivots
    • Hierachy im SceneTree
    • other components
  • 3D-Modelle
    • Polygone and normals
    • FBXImporter
    • PreFabs
    • Asset Packages
    • Animations
  • Material
    • Material Types
    • Textures und Repetition
    • Normal Maps
    • Frame Overdraw
    • Draw Calls
  • Lights
    • Light Types
    • Pixel/Vertex Lighting
    • Lightmaps
    • Shadows (Unity Pro)
  • Cameras
    • Orthography / perspective
    • Clipping plan
    • Depths und ViewPort
    • Several cameras in one scene
    • RenderTextures (Unity Pro)
  • Scripts und Interaktion
    • GameObjects and attached scripts
    • Further scripting options

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Target Audience
Game Developers, Unity-Operators, Unreal-Operators

No programming skills necessary.

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€ 1.535,10 icl. VAT.

3 days