Introduction to programming for real-time applications

During this three-day course participants without any prior knowledge of programming will learn the basics of programming and C#, which are necessary to take the leap from “code sucks” to “code rules”. In other words, you will be able to program your own applications.
You will be made familiar with the characteristics of object-oriented programming languages, data types, operators, loops and variables, thus providing you with tools for your own programs and functions. You will learn how to use the knowledge gained to create your own functions, classes and scripts in real-time programs such as Unity and Ventuz, so that you can put everything into practice.

Course Description

  • Basics
    • Overview of current programming languages
    • Number systems
    • Data types
    • Commands and expressions
    • Operators
    • Conditions and loops
    • Structure Charts
    • Variables and constants
    • Functions and processes
    • Events
    • Trouble shooting
    • Data structures: trees, lists, etc.
    • Algorithms: recursion etc.
  • Basics of object orientated programming:
    • Compound data types
    • Classes
    • Namespace
    • Handling of exceptions
    • References
    • Event handlers
    • Inheritance
    • Instances
    • Exceptions
    • Debugging
  • Systematic approach:
    • Basics of structured and standardised programming
    • Top-Down-Draft and modularization
  • Draft and documentary resources:
    • Program design
  • >Practical exercises
    • general
    • in Unity

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Target Audience
Game Developers, Unity-Operators, Unreal-Operators

No programming skills necessary.

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€ 980,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.116,20 incl. VAT.

3 Days