Cryengine Basics

The CryEngine is a game engine from the Crytek development studio that can be used to generate highly sophisticated real-time visualizations. It is the first all-in-one development solution with scalable computation, multiple award-winning graphics, state-of-the-art lighting, realistic physics, intuitive visual scripting, high fidelity audio, designer-friendly AI and much more. This makes it ideal for architectural visualization, virtual reality and high-end video games.

In this course you will learn the basic functions and applications of CryEngine. In addition to the user interface and the Enginge structure, meshes, materials, animations, lights, cameras, visual scripting, user input, collision detection, audio and particle effects are training content. At the end of the training you will be able to implement your own projects with CryEngine.

Course Description

  • The Editor User Interface
  • Engine Structure
    • Basics of the Engine
    • Vector3
    • Rotation
    • transform
    • Vector2
    • Entity
    • Level
    • Schematyc Entity
    • Schematyc Library
    • C# Script
  • Meshes
    • Vertices, Polygons and Normals
    • UV coordinates
    • Import of Meshes
  • Materials
    • Material Basics
    • Import textures
    • PBR workflow
    • Select the shader
    • Material Instances
  • Animations
    • Basics of Animated Meshes
    • Import of animations
    • playing animations
    • Character Tool
  • Lights
    • Light Types
    • Special features of lights in CryEngine
    • Performant handling of lights
    • Tips & Tricks for lights
    • Projector Light
    • Environment Probe
  • Cameras
    • Camera settings
    • Use multiple cameras
  • Visual Scripting
    • Basics of the Flowgraph system
    • Basics of the Schematyc system
    • Differences between Schematyc and Flowgraph
  • User input
  • Collision queries
    • Basics of collision
    • performant collision handling
  • audio
    • Audio Basics
    • Import sound files
    • playing sound files
  • Particle effects
    • Basics particle systems
    • Particle Emitter

More information

Target group
Developers from all areas (engineering, visualization, architecture,
game development etc.), graphic artists, producers, product designers, media designers

Basic knowledge of image processing and 3D is a rudimentary requirement

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€ 1.470,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.749,30 icl. VAT.


3 Days