INCAS is the world’s first Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center

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We are proud to announce our new training partnership: INCAS Training is the first company in the world to be appointed Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center. The close collaboration with the Epic Unreal Engine enterprise team and the large number of courses we have successfully completed have resulted in our expertise being certified. Especially in the [...]

Epic Unreal Studio and Datasmith – a winning team!

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CAD data and real-time graphics data are not real friends. It's a good piece of work to convert the many native CAD formats that have established themselves over the past decades into potential low-poly models without sacrificing quality. A really tricky opimation problem! Some top dogs have established themselves here, of which only Dassault Deltagen in [...]

Microsoft and Unity announce HoloLens 2 Development Edition

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Releasing later this year alongside the launch of HoloLens 2, the all-new HoloLens 2 Development Edition offers even more value to jump-start your mixed reality development plans by combining the HoloLens 2 mixed reality device with $500 in free Azure credits, and 3-month free trials of both Unity Pro and the PiXYZ Plugin. For more details, [...]

Unreal Trainings, powered by Unreal Engine Build:München’18 for Automotive

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In spring 2019 we offer three authorized Unreal trainings in Munich in cooperation with the Unreal Engine Enterprise Team: Unreal Engine Primer 28.01.2019 | 26.02.2019 | 28.03.2019 Introduction to Blueprints 29.01.2019 | 27.02.2019 | 29.03.2019 Automotive Configurator Workshop 14. - 15.02.2019 | 11. - 12.03.2019 | 11. - 12.04.2019 These can be booked by all companies [...]

Developer Conference @ DIGILITY 2018 – Powered by INCAS Training!

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For the very first time at DIGILITY there will be a separate Developer Conference curated by none other than Stephan Otten, CEO of INCAS Training und Projects GmbH. The goal is to map the entire value chain from idea to development and to give developers the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. This goal may [...]

Visit us at the DIGILITY in Cologne!

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Many technologies creep into our lives rather inconspicuously. So it is with the more and more widespread techniques around Artificial Intelligent (AI) and soon also with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). INCAS Training has long since secured its position as market leader in this field. We offer face-to-face training for the entire production pipeline [...]

Visit us at the UNITE BERLIN 2018! – INCAS Training is Silver Sponsor

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Unite Berlin 2018 is the largest Unity developer conference of all time. With dozens of highly qualified presentations at the conference and over 20 exhibitors, Unite Berlin provides you with a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in game development. But Unity is much more: Unity has penetrated all areas of software development as [...]

VR-ready notebooks for rental

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VR applications require a lot of performance on the computer hardware. Not everyone is ready to invest for a trade fair “just” 3,000 euros for a high-end gaming notebook to present his VR application. You do not need it worry: you can borrow it from INCAS! To meet the demands for high-end performance in presentations [...]

Google Tango is no longer supported

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A truly bitter news for ASUS, who have been expecting so much from their ZenFone AR: Google is no longer supporting the Tango platform, but with ARCore technology, it is swinging in the same direction as Apple with the ARKit included in iOS 11. Once again, it is not the superior technology that wins here, but [...]