Basics for mobile development with Unreal Engine

Mobile Apps are everywhere and no longer avoidable in the everyday use of our devices. No matter if it’s a production App or the newest mobile game, everyone uses Apps.

In this course you will learn, how to create mobile Apps with appealing 3D-graphics by using Unreal Engine 4. Convincing light calculation, realistic surfaces, exceptional audio playback, breath-taking special effects are all possible on a smartphone or tablet.
Unreal Engine 4 gives you future-oriented tools, that allow you to develop Apps without trouble and efficiently.
The course is guided by a practical example project, which show-cases the abilities of Unreal Engine 4. Teaching templates and material contained in the course will be made available for the participants after conclusion.

All included materials can then be used freely for private or commercial projects, to enable further exploration of the learned topics.

Course Description

The editor GUI

Engine setup
• Vector
• Rotator
• Transform
• Actor
• Level
• Pawn
• GameMode
• GameInstance

• Vertices, Polygone and normals
• Import of meshes

• Material basics
• Import of textures
• PBR workflow
• Shader development
• Material instances

• Basics of skeletal meshes
• Import of animations
• Animation sequences
• Animation montages
• Animation blending
• Physics of 3D objects

• Light types
• Light mobility
• Light baking
• Performance usage of lights

• Camera usage
• Perspectives
• Post-processing

• Basics of the Blueprint system
• The abilities of Blueprints
• Variables and data types
• Functions and macros
• Manipulating material parameters from Blueprints
• Animation control via Blueprints

User input
• Creating inputs
• Action-inputs and axis-inputs

Collision queries
• Basics of collisions
• Overlapping
• Hit events
• Performant usage of collisions

• Basics of the audio framework
• Importing of sound files
• Using sound cues
• Sound effects (3D sound, reverb effects and others)

Media framework
• Playback of videos
• Anchoring video in the 3D environment
• Streaming sources

Particle effects
• Basics of the particle system

User interface
• Basics of UMG
• Widgets
• Head-Up display
• Anchoring widgets in the 3D environment

Project settings Packaging

More information

Target Audience
3D-developers of every sector (engineering, visualization, architecture, game-development or else) that
want to learn Unreal Engine 4.

Basic knowledge of image processing and 3D are rudimentary mandatory.

more information
Unreal Engine Training Catalog (Download PDF)


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€ 1.749,30 icl. VAT.


3 Days