Autodesk 3ds Max Basics

In this 3 day intensive training you will get to know and apply the essential application possibilities, starting with modelling, application of materials over light and camera control up to a small animation. The training offers the ideal start for everyone who wants to work professionally with 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. For decades, 3ds Max has been the visualization and animation program for sophisticated photorealistic representations in architecture, interior design, product design, media, etc.. Due to its ability to run on Windows computers, it is also an interesting tool for smaller offices and agencies to present their work in a highly professional way. In addition, this training gives you the opportunity to learn how to effectively use Wacom pen tablets in 3ds Max.

Course Description

  • 1st day Basics
    • Program and user interface
    • character types, basic bodies and surfaces, text
    • Orientation in the room
    • Working with viewports
    • Basic modifications of objects
  • 2nd day setup
    • Boolean operations
    • Deformations and figures
    • Create 3-D objects
    • Extrusion objects and deformations
    • scene elements, scene lighting
    • Light sources, light parameters
    • Camera
  • 3rd day progress
    • Materials, Material Assignment, Material Editor
    • Mapping and mapping coordinates
    • Rendering
    • Basics of animation
    • keyframing, path animation
    • Animation of object parameters

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Target group
Photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, product designers, media designers, architects

General knowledge of PCs, graphics and image processing is an advantage.

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€ 980,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.166,20 icl. VAT.


3 Days