AutoCAD Mechanical Basics

AutoCAD Mechanical is a professional AutoCAD software designed for manufacturing with standards-based design documentation tools. It includes all the features of AutoCAD, plus libraries of 700,000 standards-based parts, tools, and functions. Create 2D drawings on your own and add dimensions and labels to them. In this seminar, you will learn how to accelerate mechanical design processes and automate CAD tasks to increase productivity.

Course Description

  • The AutoCAD Mechanical User Interface
    • DeepL access toolbox
    • Multifunction strips
    • Tool pallets
    • Toolboxes
    • Input support
    • Create, load, save drawings
    • AutoCAD Mechanical Templates
    • Use model and layout areas sensibly
  • Basic functions and AutoCAD Mechanicals basic drawing commands
    • lines, polylines
    • Circles, circular arcs
    • Ellipses, rectangles
    • AutoCAD Mechanical Drawing Elements
    • Hatching with AutoCAD Mechanical Defaults
    • Working with Cartesian and Polar Coordinate Systems
  • Control drawing views
    • Zoom
    • Pan (moving the image section)
    • Orbit and 3D drawing views
  • Application of layer technology
    • Create and manage layer
    • Organize drawing objects on layers
    • AutoCAD Mechanical Functions for easy layer control
  • Working with standard parts in the content library
    • Create drill holes
    • Create bolted connections
    • The shaft generator
    • Use steel profiles
    • Calculations
  • Edit and manipulate 2D drawing elements
    • AutoCAD manipulation commands
    • Use handles
    • Working with the power commands of AutoCAD Mechanical
    • Detail representations
  • Labelling
    • Text functions
    • The power dimension
    • AutoCAD Mechanical Drawing Symbols
    • Item numbers
    • Parts lists
    • Bore tables
    • Fits
  • Blocks and attributes
    • Create blocks
    • Design Center
    • Use the AutoCAD Mechanical library
  • Output of AutoCAD Mechanical drawings
    • Plots and Publishing
    • Print from the model and the layout area
    • use of plot style tables
    • Working with the Page Setup Manager
    • AutoCAD-Mechanical Support for drawing output
    • Other export functions
    • Deposition of image files
  • Utilities
    • eTransmit
    • Simple customization of the options

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Target Audience
Architects, engineers, technicians, technical draughtsmen, technical editors

Basic PC knowledge

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5 Days