Asset creation with Autodesk MAYA

In this 3 day course you will learn the basics of game engine optimization of 3D objects. You will learn the
workflow for the 3D software Autodesk Maya and are introduced to state-of-the-art techniques. After a short
excursion into the backgrounds of game engine optimization techniques, as well as a general introduction
into the 3D software Autodesk Maya, you will create simple 3D objects and optimize already established
assets. You will create and modify geometry, assess and improve the partitioning, assign new material slots,
learn different approaches to UV-mapping and train the use of smoothing groups. Also, you will learn the
basics of creating simple animations for game engines. After this course you are able to optimize established
or bought 3D assets for usage with Unreal Engine 4. You will be able to rectify inherent mistakes directly on an
3D asset, extend objects, define new materials and create animations. You will be able to do this in an game
engine optimized workflow.

Course Description

• Basics of 3D asset creation
• Game optimized workflow
• Navigating the 3D viewport
• Creation of simple geometry
• Possibilities of manupulation of geometry
• Basics of topology
• Smooth/reduce geometry
• Rectification of backface culling
• Handling of smoothing groups
• Defining material slots
• Basics of UV-mapping
• Export static mesh
• Rigging basics
• Animation basics
• Export skeletal mesh / animation
• Creation and export of UCX-collision

More information

Target Audience
Game developers, architects, designers, 3D developers (engineering, visualiuation, architecture, gamedevelopment
or else).

Basic knowledge of construction and manipulation of 3D models are mandatory (polygons, materials,
textures, shaders).

more information
Unreal Engine Training Catalog (Download PDF)


€ 1.470,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.749,30 icl. VAT.


3 Days