Asset Creation with Autodesk 3ds Max

In this course you will learn the usage of the 3D modelling software Autodesk 3ds Max with a focus on importing
into Unreal Engine 4. You will be learning the basics of the creation of 3D models through various
techniques and workflows. Creating simple 3D objects yourself and optimizing established assets, you are
using these tools to establish everyday usage. Aside from creating geometry, the basics also include UVmapping
and establishing simple animations. You will optimize objects for appearance as well as performance
and through this learn all the relevant rules for asset creation. After completion of the course, you are
able to create 3D content for software development and extend and optimize established assets. Furthermore,
you know all relevant points about 3D objects including textures and animation and how to import
all of that into Unreal Engine 4.

Course Description

• Basics of 3D asset creation
• Software and GUI
• Navigating the 3D viewport
• Game optimized workflow
• Creating simple geometry
• Ability to manipulate geometry
• Basics of topology
• Smooth/Reduce geometry
• Basics of UV-mapping
• Export static mesh
• Animation basics
• Import FBX into Unreal Engine 4
• Material basics in Unreal Engine 4

More information

Target Audience
Game developers, architects, designers, 3D developers (engineering, visualiuation, architecture, gamedevelopment
or else).

Basic knowledge of construction and manipulation of 3D models are mandatory (polygons, materials,
textures, shaders).

more information
Unreal Engine Training Catalog (Download PDF)


€ 1.470,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.749,30 icl. VAT.


3 Days