Realtime-optimized 3D Assets for Unity with Cinema 4D

Unity Cinema 4D Workflow Training:
Performance optimization in Unity through optimized workflows in Cinema 4D

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the game engine-optimized preparation of 3D objects with Cinema 4D. You will be trained to use Maxon’s 3D software, and work with efficient techniques, specialized tools, and workflows.

After a brief excursion into the importance of Game Engine optimized assets and a general introduction to Cinema 4D, you will be able to create simple 3D objects and optimize existing objects. You will create and modify geometry, evaluate and improve their division, assign new material slots, and learn different approaches to UV mapping and texture baking. You’ll also learn the basics to create simple animations for Unity.

At the end of this training, you will be able to prepare existing or purchased 3D objects for use in game engines such as Unity. You can mend and fix existing defects directly on the 3D model, expand objects, define new materials, and create animations. You will also be able to export these changes efficiently into Unity.

Course Description

  • Basic 3D-Asset-Creation
  • Game-optimized working
  • Navigation in the 3D-Viewport
  • Creation of simple geometry
  • Possibilities for manipulating geometry
  • Basic topology
  • Smooth/Reduce geometry
  • Fixing of Backface Culling
  • Defining Material-Slots
  • Basic UV-Mapping
  • Basic Texture Baking
  • Basic Bodypaint
  • Alternative methods for bump and normal maps in Photoshop
  • Export Static Mesh
  • Basic Rigging
  • Basic Animation
  • Export Skeletal Mesh / Animation
  • Import C4D or FBX into Unity
  • Material optimization in Unity

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Target Audience

Game developers, architects, designers, 3D developers (engineering, visualization, architecture, game development, etc.)



Basic knowledge of the construction and manipulation of 3D models is required (polygons, materials, textures, shaders).

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€ 980,00 plus VAT.
€ 1.166,20 icl. VAT.

3 Days